Rain, rain, go away

Come again another day...

but the rain ain't no person who would listen to your pledge, instead, it is wise to calk out with your relocation plan accepting the monsoon season.80% of people move from April to September and a lot of rain would occur around that range. There are two ways to deal with this situation, in the first scenario let's expect that you are mostly having a bit of help from friends and family to move out, here what you should consider.

Shrinkwrap, Plastic Bags are your Buddies

Water hates to stay still on plastic surfaces, you can use plastic bags to wrap most of your items, some of the bigger goods would not fit in a bag in that case shrinkwrapping would be the best-case scenario, you can buy serum wrapping rolls and wrap out the items which need extra protection.

The Floor is to be Protected

Although it's a bit strange you need to protect the floor to protect your pieces of furniture or appliances, considering the higher chance of the items may be dropped due to the slippery floor.

To protect the floor you can use duct tapes and cutouts from cardboard boxes, making sure the pathway is free from obstacles, get help from a friend who would hold down the boards while you tape 'em, this way you won't slip or even if you do, both you and the item will have a significantly lower amount of intermolecular vibration to deform or in plain English break.

Avoid Jumble Items All Around

You may have many items to move, and not all of the goods will stay in the same place, hence it is logical to take each piece on the designated area, this ain't necessary to happen right away, especially during a rainy season when half of your items are wet outside.

Mark a location where all your items would be parked to dry off, this could be a master bedroom or garage space, once all of the goods are stored in one place rest of your room is free from wetness as well, so it is time to wait out or towel down each item, once completely dried off, you can then slowly distribute each to the allocated zone.

Let's discuss the second scenario, where you hire a professional mover with a high reputation, a moving and packing company that cares, the skilled workforce and superior logistic support will ensure you can take an extra nap when it rains outside leaving this job of relocation to experts only.

A professional movers company would have shrinkwrapped which are much more durable, they are equipped with both floor and wall protective materials, they would use hand trucks, four-wheel dollys, hump-straps, and many other nifty gadgets to ensure your items are safe and sound, to make the cherry on top, you will have insurance signed up so any unwanted damage is done will be replenished.

Now that you have a great idea, a start-up with your moving plan or hire a professional to move during a monsoon season.

Moving Home Or Office During This Rainy Season – Here’s What You Should Know

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