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No one likes the lockdown, it is not ideal, for any business or individual this pandemic is a piece of bad news, but that doesn't necessarily mean that we won't be able to move our houses to the new destination. Recent studies have shown even in this pandemic 12% of the entire population of the US has moved where the average is 14% in normal times.

Safety is the key here, as the virus is extremely contagious but also as most of the coronaviruses can survive on different surfaces, it is highly recommended to follow a few procedures cautiously to avoid getting infected.

Clean up your Furniture and Goods

Remember depending on the element and surface construction the virus may be alive from few hours to few days, however, a recent study has shown that the Covid-19 is less likely to spread on a surface, however people still can contaminate their hands or skin with it and without cleaning the hands properly it may vent through the lungs and infect.

Spraying down all the surfaces is the best option at this stage, using detergent water or soapy water even mild amount can severely destroy the outer fat of the virus making it ineffective.

You can spray those tables, chairs, and especially the parts where family members can touch more frequently, this holds for the boxes, glass mirrors, television remotes, cupboard handles, etc.

Use Gloves and Mask Excessively

Gloves and masks are two great weapons to fight against coronavirus, COVID is an influenza-like illness, and using a mask will reduce 50% of the chance to infect others.

Although COVID-19 can remain on gloves for 2-4 hours, it is still a great way to protect your fingers, palms, and nails to be infected, people far less likely to touch their face wearing gloves hence wearing a pair of these would not only protect your furniture to be virus free but also will stop a chance of contamination by a significant margin.

Be sure to provide sets of fresh pair to your movers and packers before they even enter your house, although it is more likely that the movers would carry their sets with themselves.

Give Movers the Essential Physical Distancing

Physical distancing is a crucial part to be safe, during a move, if your house is big or have a number of kids, make sure to provide the movers enough space to work, you can only stay at the beginning of the moving process and leave right after, this way the chance of human to human spread will drop to nil.

If there is still a requirement for you to be in the same room where the movers are then sure to keep 6 feet gap in between, this will not only keep you safe but also the essential workers who are dedicated to serving you during a pandemic.

Use a to-do List

A great technique is to use a to-do list, prepare that on a piece of paper and describe them point by point from a safer distance to the movers or packers, leave them the note so that they can follow all the short instructions that you have provided. Be sure to use your pen for this or to sign any paperwork associated with the moving company.

Maintain other basic hygiene like covering up your sneeze and cough and washing your hands frequently with soap, detergent, or sanitizers.

It is not that hard to prepare your move during a COVID-19 era if you follow the steps above, be sure to search on the internet how to be safe by reading authoritative blog posts and research papers, being smart is the best way to be safe.

Your Safety Guide To Moving Home Or Office During The Covid19 Pandemic.

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