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Much plan is required when moving with pets. Because for many dogs, cats, and small animals, moving house is associated with much stress. We'll tell you how you can move your animals carefree. For many people, moving causes stress and chaos. But it is not easy for pets either, and it takes a long time to get used to a new home. Preparation is everything. 

Especially on the day of the move: Pet owners can do a lot in advance to ensure that their four-legged friends get through the change of residence more worry-free.

What You Should Have With You On Moving Day:

The experts recommend that pets not experience stress from moving to keep a healthy mental state in the long run. Pet owners can provide a box with everything their furry friends need. In addition to water and sufficient food, the pet's favorite toys should appear.
It would help if you also had your usual sleeping place - be it the basket, the blanket, or the scratching post.

Moving With Your Dogs:

Moving is generally not a big problem for a man's best friend. It is only essential to dogs that their owner is with them. Because the four-legged friends are pack animals and always need a fixed reference person with them. For most dogs, moving a house is more of an adventure than a stress factor. The expert recommends that dogs not be in the new home on the day of the move and stay with friends instead. With all the moving chaos, dogs themselves could get hectic. If you can't find a suitable dog sitter, you should empty a room for your four-legged friend in the old apartment and put a basket, food and water bowl, and toys in it. The animal can stay there on a hectic moving day. You may want to hire professional movers for the right price to be stress-free from the get-go. So it is essential to make a move easier for the cats.

A dog inside a box

However, if you want to transport your dog by car, you should take it with you on advance trips. Because many animals only ride in the car to visit the vet, they associate the journey with fear and become restless. But if the dog knows that trips can also have positive effects, it will be calmer. Dogs travel safest in a transport box for cars in the trunk. Alternatively, they can stay in the back seat, but they should be strapped in with a dog harness. Sufficient breaks should also be taken during the journey so that the fur friend can stretch their feet - or rather, paws. With old or susceptible dogs, you should discuss with the veterinarian before moving whether the animal should be sedative for the journey.

Doggy needs a few days to get used to in the new home. It is best to have at least one family member at home at all times. The times when the dog is alone in the new apartment should be apt as short as possible. When moving, don't forget to deregister your dog with the old municipality and register it with the new one after the move. Special regulations also apply to individual animals: some dog breeds are legally confidential as dangerous in some federal states. For these animals, you may need a permit.

Pro Tips: Dogs will be ok as long as their owner is beside them during a move. Dogs are a pack animal; foremost, they need their master or mistress around - everything else is irrelevant.

Early Preparation to Consider:

Stress and the hustle and bustle on moving day can quickly become too much for your dog. You can save your darling by leaving them with someone they trust while you haul boxes and direct the movers.

If your dog is with you on the drive to the new home, it should not be new to driving. Dogs often only associate a drive with unpleasant things, e.g., visit the vet. Because of this, they often don't feel like doing it right from the start. Therefore, you should take your dog with you in the car a few times before moving.

Suppose your dog is very anxious in the car. In that case, you should discuss with the veterinarian whether a sedative for the journey to the new home could be the right solution. Do not resort to medication without first consulting your veterinarian.

Your dog should be assured in the car - for example, in a transport box or (depending on the dog's size and car) by a partition grille in the car's back.

You should have food and water close at hand when you are out and about. Also, the plan breaks to go for a walk on longer journeys!

Things to Recognize if You are Moving to a New Apartment:

In the modern home, you should provide your dog with a place to rest. Then give them a basket, blanket, and toys that he knows from his familiar surroundings in the old apartment.

In the first few days, take the dog for many walks and explore the area. To be on the safe side, keep your dog on a leash until the pet is familiar with the new environment and you know where and which dangers (i.e., busy streets, strange dogs) threaten.

When can you leave the dog alone in the new apartment? There is no magic bullet, but a few tips:

Allow a few days to settle in, with at least one family member always at the house. It would be best if you didn't cuddle your dog all the time, but behave normally like in the old home - the sooner the dog will get used to the new living situation.

Moving With Your Cats:

Moving with cats is a tricky affair: A change of location means much stress and getting used to the sensitive animals. Before the significant focus of moving begins, cats - like dogs - should be put in an empty room with a bowl, basket, and toilet. For home relocation, remove all the furniture first and then leave the cat inside without any problem.

ultimate guide  When You're Moving With cat

A cat box is suitable for moving animals, but the cat should get used to it beforehand. Otherwise, many cats get frightened and panic due to tightness. Set up a place to sleep there or feed and reward it there. Take as many breaks as you need for the journey. However, remember to social distance during a flue season—Stowaway the litter box to keep things more manageable. Sedatives can help with susceptible and anxious animals - however, consult with the veterinarian first.

Put the cat in an empty room with a bowl, litter box, basket, and other familiar matter in the new home. When all the furniture is suitable to go, and the stress of moving has subsided, the kitty can go on a discovery tour. Cats need enough time to get used to their new home. The animals should not be allowed until they have accepted the unknown territory (i.e., after about a month). Or else, there is a hazard that they will get lost or try to find their way back to their old home. However, many cats hide and hide in the first few weeks.

Pet owners with several cats, between which there is a distinctive ranking, should note that moving can upset this ranking. The move may be more difficult for the highest-ranking animal than for the others. And the "lower-ranking" cats could try in the new home to fight for new rights, it is said.

Pro Tips: Cats are very attached to their familiar territory and, therefore, very reluctant to move, so be a little extra careful with moving with your cats as they are not as easy as moving with dogs.

Moving With Caged or Small Animals:

Moving caged animals such as guinea pigs, rabbits, birds, and fish usually go without any problems. During the moving chaos, put the small animals in a quiet place. Inside the cage, add sufficient food, water, and litter for small animals before the journey. Protect the pet with a blanket. Interior the car, it is best to have someone hold the cage. When they arrive at the new home, small animals hardly need time to get used to, as the average cell gives them security. Rabbits, hamsters, and other small animals should be cover.

The bird is sitting inside the cage to move to the new home.
From the stress of moving: If possible, place the cage in a quiet place. They are strong housed in their enclosure or a transport basket for cats or dogs.

Important: Secure the cage or basket not to fall over or slip while you are driving. Lay it out with small animal litter - the old litter that smells familiar - and add enough food and water.

It would help if you allowed the small animals to rest in the new apartment, possibly with the cage covered. After a short time, the animals will have got used to the new environment. If they are used to running outdoors, you can let them explore the new apartment.

Pet registered? Don't forget to change your address! You can note your pet relief of charge at the Tasso headquarters. If it should ever escape, it may establish more quickly.

Is your pet already registered? Then remember to inform the Tasso headquarters of your new address.

Registration is not only possible for dogs and cats: birds, rabbits, ferrets, lizards, spiders, many other domestic animals, and also farm animals such as cattle and sheep can certify there.

Moving Animals Abroad:

Before moving abroad, pet owners should inform themselves about the entry regulations. For example, pet owners have to prove that their animal is healthy against rabies in many countries. Some states also require a stay in quarantine. Therefore, you should obtain information from the responsible consulate a few months before moving, advises the animal welfare organization, Peta.

Preparing to Move With Your Pets:

If you move within a rented flat, you should make sure that your animals are welcome there when looking for an apartment. The landlord may not generally prohibit dog and cat keeping, but he may veto under certain circumstances. It is relatively easy to carry with small animals, while with dogs or cats, there is a little more to consider. 

Important: If you want to keep attack dogs in a rented apartment, you need express permission from the landlord and the holding permit.

It is best to detect a veterinarian in your new place of residence before moving or saving a few phone numbers of veterinary practices near the new apartment. Then you are prepared for an emergency.

Individual exotic animals (such as snakes, spiders, lizards) are also notifiable. If necessary, you should inquire about the procedure at your new city or local authority.

Moving With Pets: Ultimate Guide to Success

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