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Researchers have listed moving or home relocation as the most stressful experience that humankind face. It is sometimes even more than separating from loved ones or losing close family members. The harmful mental effect of moving can induce mania, psychosis, and sometimes dementia that will linger for the rest of your life yet at such a small level that you will hardly detect it without going to a shrink.

However, you can control this to have the least amount of mental casualties, thus converting the moving process into a healthy chapter of your life.

We have listed the ten most vital things to keep in mind before moving to a new home that focuses on your health and mental peacefulness. The list works as a tool that you can customize as per your moving situation.

1. Be Prepared Mentally First

If you think that packing all your goods and sending out the stuffed van to the new location is all you need to do for moving, you are very wrong. Moving is happening in our species for hundreds and thousands of years. Çatalhöyük, a proto city, existed from 7100 BC to 5700 BC is when the concept of moving out to a new home emerged. Our ancestors had to deal with moving out both mentally and physically. A fast-paced information technology era induces short-term memories. Hence you are never truly prepared for moving, even if you have all the arrangements ready to go.

Packing up boxes, wrapping up glasswares are all physical tasks. Being prepared for that takes almost no energy from your brain. But being mentally healthy throughout the relocation process needs tremendous preparation in your mind. None ever has scored 100 out of 100, but the better you are prepared for the move mentally, the smoother and less painful it will be once you exist in your future home.

If you have lived in your old house for even a month, it impacts the walls, ceiling, doors, and space all across the rooms. Unless it was an accident for you to chose the house and honestly never spent more than a few nights in that place, you have never truly moved in.

You certainly would not want to move to a new location then stop spending nights or living on the premise. For this, you need to communicate to your mind very strategically. Preparing it to gently accept that you are moving out to a new location, leaving behind all the right friends, memories, and emotional attachments.

As a primate, you must have some meditation happening where you have the chance to talk to your mind. It could be during an hour of yoga, exercise, sleep, shower even having a beer with your friends in a pub. Be very personal with your mind. Let it know that you have indeed decided to move out of the old place. This step will prepare your mind beforehand. As you should also remember planning is half of the total work.

2. Remove Unnecessary Items Before You Start Moving Into a New Home

We have secret urges to get rid of items regularly. Let's try testing ourselves with a thought experiment. Look to your right and left standing middle of your bedroom. Something is closing into your mind as a least wanted object and will make you happy if you can get rid of it.

Before you move to your new place, it is a great time to fulfill that wish. Also, it will keep you organized during your relocation process.

A great way to start is by selling items, talking to your friends, and then colleagues to find out if they happen to need anything you do not need before moving. If word of mouth doesn't sell an item, use the internet to broaden your ideal customers. Most of the social media platform nowadays offers a marketplace where paying them a small fee. You get to sell items to your local neighborhood.

Additionally, you can arrange a yard sale. People will be intrigued to purchase exciting items. Always do quick research to find out the article's actual value to price it right for the mass.

If selling items don't cut well for everything, donate each for the people in need.

two guys Removing Unnecessary Items like fridge

3. Organize Your Packing For Maximum Efficiency

Packing is the part that excels in the moving process. Follow these steps, and you'll pack like a pro.

First, get a notebook and use the alphabets on each page as tabs. Make sure they stick out from the notepad.

Label tabs, Bd for bedroom, Bt for bathroom, Lv for living room, Ofc for office room and such.

Now get cardboard boxes for each tab and collect items for the particular container, such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste, handwash, and scrubber for the box labeled Bt. Now write the item list on the Bt page in order, so you have a written note of what is in the box.

Once you arrived in your new home, go through the notebook with tabs, and find out the item you need directly from the marked box marching with the tab list. This technique will make your life super easy while putting in minimum effort.

4. Prepare Well In Case You Are Moving By Yourself

Moving service is a big industry for a reason. Not everyone is equipped with the skills for packing, organizing, and relocating to a house. But if you are one of those who are determined to move by yourself, you need extra preparedness beforehand.

Formulate a detailed plan well before your moving day arrives. Firstly, you need at least one other person to help carry all the heavy items to a removal van. The same person will also be an integral part of packing and organizing your stuff.

You ought to do a little research and compare the price for renting a removal van. Additionally, you will need moving equipment such as a hand truck, 4-wheel dollys, hump straps, etc. You can educate yourself on how to use moving equipment for a move by watching YouTube videos.

Load up the van with your friend's help, and make sure to follow ideal guidelines for stacking. Ideally, this will prevent property damage. After driving your removal van to your location, park the van ideally so that unloading is more comfortable for you. Upon unloading your items, carefully return the removal van.

5. Rest Easy By Selecting The Best Moving Company For The Relocation Job

Moving by yourself is a hassle, kills a lot of your precious time, and drains your energy to nil. That is why there is a gigantic industry for moving and packing out there. There is immense competition. You can easily be a mare bait to lose some money on the process unless you smart up by selecting the best one to apply for your relocation job.

You want to start from your cellphone, search "packing service near me," you want to use packing instead of the word moving is for a reason, many companies only will drive your items from point X to point Y, but that is not all you are looking for, especially if you're spending money for this. Any packing company will also offer a moving van service.

Shortlist 4-5 websites, but skip the ads from the top suggestions. Next up, research their site, the more branded, the better. Look for video testimonials for authenticity. Now start calling them each and select three for booking an in-house estimation. Any good moving company will offer you this to win the job.

Obtain three best quotes with tremendous value, and this will allow you to pick a winning company, be mindful that the moving company should be doing most of the work for you. They also should offer excellent logistic and administrative service such as "Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move." Pamphlet. Avoid any moving company that provides the quote based on cubic feet.

Once you select the company, you would pay for their service and be with the driver while driving your goods to your destination. Be mindful not to offer help for the movers as they already grasp doing things right already. They will pack, load, unload, and unpack all your items intact. After they finish, please give them a bonus payment for their hard work.

5 Important Things to Do When Moving Into a New Home

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