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Let's be honest, you feel like McGyver, want to save the day by installing many things around the house, but it is sometimes tedious and the manuals are getting harder and harder for you to assemble something as heavy as washer and dryer. Now the installation of washer and dryer is no puny task it requires many variables to consider, years of expertise, or even good sense of measurement.

Watching a video online how to assemble might be a way to do it by yourself, and by all means, install your washer and dryer by yourself if you are 100% confident, but we will be addressing the majority of Americans who regrets instead choosing a professional installing hypersensitive house appliances by themselves is a not always a great idea.

1. Professionals Would Know How To Measure Your Space Better:

Your basement or the laundry room wherever you would like that new washer and dryer to be installed, has to be prepared, many of us just purchase the washer and dryer without assessing the area for a fit, this is a no brainer that you will have to talk to a professional before purchasing new washer and dryer to install per se, but once the appliance is already inside your home ready to put up, a professional installer would be able to make ideal room for placing in the machine, this may require the person to move other appliances, disassemble fixtures and reassemble on a new spot maintaining all your rooms visual as appealing as possible.

Professional washer and dryer installation service have many experiences dealing with a crowded room which needs a bit of homework before setting in all the types of equipment, that includes the washer and dryer as well. The chance of messing the entire room arrangement is slim to none once you hire the right person to do the task saving you and your room much more breathing space for sure!

2. You Can Skip Reading The Instruction Manuals:

Think about the last time you broke a sweat going through a complex instruction manual, some of the two-sided pamphlet instruction manuals are okay to deal with but when we are talking about washer and dryer manual, it is typically 18 pages long with small font size, learning to operate is one thing, but the installation of the washer and dryer is a whole new game, but a game which you may lose and end up calling an expert eventually.

As explained on the first point, there are many different aspects one must consider to fix the dryer to operate in the most optimal way, more and more issues will pop open if leveling, draining or electrical adjustments are done wrong, moreover the newer and fancier the washer and dryers are the harder it may appear to install. Not going by the books is essentially plan to paint yourself in the corner.

Let's assume you picked a professional installer to do this job for you, the person would know the basics very well to ensure principal parts of the washer and dryer are functioning okay, on the other hand, any neat upgrades which your appliance offer, the installer can quickly review that from the instruction manual to save you time and that awful headache which will make you sleep better at night no doubt.

3. Reduce The Risk Of Potential Hazards

A typical dryer and washer deal with electricity, water lines, and air ventilation system we know what happens if we add electricity to water in the wrong way right? Unfortunately, it can be worse if your washer and dryer installation went awry, the vent part can produce heat, and if the dryer vent has debris in it, there is a chance of breaking fire on the wall, this may not only destroy the laundry room but also the appliances itself!

A professional washer and dryer installer can assess the situation way before setting in all the parts together, ensuring that the chance of any hazard plummets down near nil. A great trade for sure, your peace of mind in exchange for some nominal pennies.

4. Move Dryer Without Hurting Your Floor:

The chance of ruining your floor by moving furniture around is about 23% according to moving review peer forum, hence it is extremely wise to look for a professional who also offers to move and packing services, they would not only have the ability to install your brand new washer and dryer but also would be equipped with floor protection materials, the last thing you want your expensive tiles having that eyesore metal drag that lives forever on your floor.

A professional installer + mover can assist you rearranging the laundry room much efficiently without you have to worry about damaging any items, not only the floors the walls can be protected before dragging heavy types of machinery around the room to save you spotless walls as well.

5. Let Professionals Do The Faucet Testing:

Working with the faucet parts can be tricky, it attaches to water supply and there needs to be a water run test to ensure the outlets clean debris and clogs your valve screen, this complex process is one that most of us struggles with.

There are few key requirements plays a big role in the safe installation of your dryer and washer, having a specific inch of the gap from the wall, test both cold and hot water to secure the filter screen operates alright and more, unless you are one true professor gadget, considering a professional to do all these testing can be a bright idea.

6. Rest Assured That The Drain Works Okay:

Without installing the drain properly for your dryer and washer, you may run into a situation when nothing is clogging the drain hose or pump, yet the pump is shot. You can immediately tell by the awful noise from the bad pump, which ultimately leaks dirty water all over the room, this is a nightmare to fix, you may have to replace the pump, to do so lots of unscrewing is mandatory, and if you do not know exactly what are you doing, your new washer and dryer would not be running anytime soon.

A professional installer can make sure that the drain system is very functional and save you from the troubleshooting with your brand new washer and dryer as you may not want to damage parts of your appliances just from a faulty drainage installation.

7. No Need To Panic If Things Break In The Future:

We all love the luxury of safety, no one wants to blame themselves for faulty installation, it is unwanted, stressful and expensive for you to handle, especially after burning some cash on your new dryer and washer, when you are doing all the tasks by yourself, without any pro guidance and is uncomfortable with the instruction manual, you may have numerous doubts if everything was hooked up okay, but this confusion can lead you to make a faulty move which can hunt your peace of mind, later on, this sense of insecurity can be covered easily if you hire a professional.

A professional washer and dryer installer from a good company would offer you an insurance and provide you stress free moving and installation service, an insurance is a waiver that tells you if anything goes wrong, then the installing company would pay for it, it is a very bold promise and is backed up by the sheer confidence of the professional to make sure your item is installed without any hindrance. 10 out of 10 times you do not have to get paid by the company since they know how to do their job in greater detail, hence signing up such waiver can be the cherry on top for you to be living on the 9th cloud in terms of installing that washer and dryer.


Unless you have previous installation experience or massive nack for installing appliances by yourself from top to bottom, it is wise to leave this up to the professional, it is easy to mess up and make your newly purchased washer and dryer to take the unnecessary beating which it does not deserve in any possible way.

Washer and Dryer Installation – 7 Reasons to Hire Professionals

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