All You Need To Know About Moving To A New Office

A girl sitting in a small office

A minor office move is an essential and sensitive step in the development of a company. A small office move needs careful preparation and following a series of critical steps. A well-organized office relocation project can serve as a fundamental tool for growth, both functionally and humanly. Because your workers also deserve to be at the center of your office relocation project to be ultimately successful.

The first thing to do if you go for an expert is to estimate your office to complete the declaration of value. It will allow you to benefit from security in the event of an accident during transportation.

A girl sitting in a small office

1: Before Moving, Be 100% Sure

Assuming you're the owner, the primary issue you must ask is unquestionably the reason for the move. It is also a significant track to establish the planning of preparation for this move. The more we assume and become aware of this move's real motivation, the better we can organize it and build similar specifications about this transfer project. Commonly, a move to larger bases will not go the same way as moving to smaller premises. It is also evident that an action motivated by an organization will not proceed from the beginning the same way as a move inspired by too high loads. Per move deserves to be questioned, probed to understand better how it can become a driving force and a chance for development for the company.

2: Perform An Audit Of The New Premises

Before signing your contract, you should consider the possible additional costs of setting up a new premise. So remember not to forget to check if:

  • The premises will have a computer system, electrical outlets, telephone, internet, false floor, false ceilings, Etc.
  • The premises comply with security criteria.

3: Inform And Communicate With Its Employees About The Move

Once the decision is made and assumed, it is essential to inform your employees as quickly as possible and communicate about this event. So no one is caught off guard, and that everyone has time to prepare. This transfer and to organize (physically) the relocation of his department or his team. A move can boost dynamism and be a driving force for an entire company. Still, it can also be a source of anxiety and conflict between employees if poorly organized. This human component is as important as the logistics aspect of any business move. You can implement several methods to reassure and involve employees in the moving an organized visit to the new premises. A solicitation by competition for ideas. Positive communication with the company's customers, surveys to gather employees' opinions, a suggestion box for new offices, Etc. What is essential, and whatever the motivation for the move, is to make it a real positive turning point and well accepted by all.

4: Explain The Progress Of The Move To Your Employees

Explain to the employees the stages of the move and what they will have to do on D-Day. Do not forget to give them practical information about the new premises (places, transport, security, Etc.)

5: Start Sorting And Assign A Candidate

Ask your employees to start sorting their documents and things. Please provide them with boxes to facilitate their task. Assign a "moving" manager in each department of your company. The administrator understands better than anyone what should or should not transfer in his department. Trust it. It will take you a lot of time.

6: Go Through Few Formalities To Keep Office Movement Safe

  • Have your internet subscription transferred: contact the after-sales service between 3 months before moving. Internet is now required. It is vital to ensure that access is possible as soon as you move in.
  • Forward your mail: you can subscribe to the national definitive redirection service. The duration of the contract can be 12 months renewable once or 24 months non-renewable. A forwarding solution also exists for companies setting up abroad.
  • Cancel the insurance contract for the premises you are leaving at least two weeks before the move.
  • Cancel or transfer energy subscriptions: electricity, gas two weeks before the office move. 
  • Take out new contracts for your local future.
  • Transfer your company's bank accounts to a branch closer to your new location.
  • Inform third parties and organizations of your change of address: banks, taxes, insurance companies, customers, suppliers, Etc.
  • Don't forget to include the new address in your documents: quotes, invoices, business cards, sales brochures, email signature, Etc.
  • 7: Do Not Forget The Premises You Are Leaving

    As in any rental, the holder has obligations. Therefore, you may ask to carry out some work (art, levels, etc.) before your departure. Do not forget the telephone line on your new premises. So that you are still connected from the world in your future premises, remember to click the telephone line and internet.

    8: Prepare Your Change Of Address:

    New premises means a new address. Don't forget the changes of address: social security, pension fund, press subscriptions. Also, inform your service providers for beverage distributors, copiers. As for address changes for mail and telephone, ten days before departure usually is sufficient, but you might as well do them immediately so as not to forget them. Also, contact the prefecture concerning the registration of the company.

    9: Check the Inventory:

    The department managers check that nothing is missing and that all the furniture and IT equipment have labels.

    a. Do not forget anything: 

    It would be an embarrassment to forget your favorite mug. So free up time for your employees so that they can finish their boxes. When you finish, arrange the boxes according to their transfer priority.

     b. Facilitate the work of service providers:

    perform transfers on weekends. So remember to warn those in charge of the buildings (old and new) to have no access problem. Also, remember to facilitate the transfer of furniture, leaving nothing in the way.

    c. Another small change of address:

    If your company has a fleet of professional vehicles, consider having the address changed or issuing a new registration card. Finally, do not forget to inform the Tax Center and the Main Treasury of your address change.

    10: Why Call on Professionals for the Transfer of your Office?

    It is crucial to make assured that the change of office does not delay your activity. It is essential to call on professionals for the move to your office to go quickly and smoothly. Moving companies have teams of movers applied to this sort of operation. It is unsafe to ask your workers to carry heavy loads.

    • Professionals come to your premises to assess the volume to be moved and the necessary logistics. They then send you a quote.
    • They know the packing and handling techniques to move your IT equipment and office furniture safely.
    • They have all the necessary equipment for a professional move: specific straps, different models of boxes, furniture lifts, trolleys and hand trucks, padded moving trucks, Etc.
    • They offer you a full range of additional services, such as installing your equipment, reassembling your furniture in your new office or cleaning the premises.
    • A moving company can also offer storage solutions if you don't have the space to move everything into your new location.

    Do you prepare to relocate your office to a different place in New Jersey? All-around moves can assist you in completing your project, from transportation to the installation of your furniture. Contact us instantly to get a quote.

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