Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you need to know how our service gives you the best moving experience, there are many questions which needs to be addressed, we sincerely hope you find your answer below, but we also value your opinion, hence please let us know through this link if you want your question enlisted here, thanks in advance!

 Why should I choose All Around Moves?

All Around Moves, part of All Around Delivery Company is raved by the users for more than 15+ across New Jersey state, we count you as our family member and we know moving or shifting can be hard, but this is why we offer the best care of your belongings while moving, also we offer many affordable insurance plans for ensuring none of your goods are damaged.

 I am moving to a new place, what should I do first?

You can easily call us for a quotation and fix the date for finalizing your move, we would be more than happy to help you provide as much information possible from our side. Alternatively, you can check the estimation from our pricing page to get an idea of the quote.

 Does All Around Moves offer short distance moving?

Yes, we offer even if you are moving a couple of blocks away from your home or office.

 Do All-Around Moves offer long-distance moving?

Yes, anywhere in the states we can move you with no issues.

 When and how sooner I can book from the date of shifting?

You can send us a booking request from our website which is open 24X7, ideally we will communicate with you to confirm the date but you can expect 48 hours is a good heads up for booking with us.

 Will I need to pack my goods?

We offer a packing service, which will ensure all your goods are neatly secured without any trace of a fingerprint from the movers, if you want to pack things up for the move, that would be fine as well.

 If you pack my stuff, would this be covered under insurance?

Yes, as long as we are packing your goods we will ensure that any damage is covered by our expenses.

 How long does it take you to pack?

Our Super Movers are trained to pack your stuff swiftly as possible, however, some tricky items can take a bit longer, but we use all the tricks from the book to pack your goods efficiently.

 Is there any pre-move preparation required?

Yes, there are many things you can do to make the moving journey smooth and fast, starting with cleaning or disinfecting your items, ensuring to take protective measures for cleanliness is also essential, however, we are committed to delivering your goods with the utmost care, which is why we are always prepared with the right protective gears.

 What kind of packing material do you offer or use?

Protection of your goods is our first and foremost priority, hence we use high-quality packing material like sturdy cartons, bubble wraps, corrugated sheets, and many more.

 How does the pricing works?

We quote New Jersey standard, we believe in providing you the best moving experience and professional quality service, you can check our pricing list to get an estimated quote for your move, alternatively we encourage you to give us a call and we can help you with the quote over the phone as well.

 The pricing list doesn't have the plan I am looking for?

Our pricing chart is based on estimated quote which is most commonly used by our clients, your moving plan can be different, and in that case, drop us a line through contacting us or call us for a custom quotation.

 Do you provide a custom quotation?

Yes, we provide a fully customized quotation based on your shifting requirement, all you have to do is either drop us a line or call us directly letting us know about few details to send you back an estimation ASAP.

 When do I need insurance?

We prioritize on the safety of your goods, we offer wrapping products, cardboard cartons, stuffing sheets, and many other protective units, these are simply mean to keep your items intact and away from any harm, it is optional if you want them wrapped, but if you prefer them to shift items unprotected we would ask you to sign a waiver form, stating the product is your liability, which you can rephrase as insurance.

 How does the insurance claim process work?

We support you as best as possible during an insurance claim. Once a claim is requested, the insurance company will contact you and take you through their process.

 Can I change my date for moving?

Yes, you can let us know if there is a change of plan before 24-48 hours of our scheduled time.

 How can I cancel my booking?

Just give us a call and we will be able to change the plan accordingly.

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